The SABR Baseball Biography Project is an ongoing effort to research and write comprehensive biographical articles on people who have made a significant contribution to the sport, whether through playing, managing or otherwise. The project is run by SABR’s BioProject Committee. The BioProject Committee has written over 2,600 biographies to date, most of which are shared in their entirety on the SABR Baseball Biography Project website.

Of these, 81 biographies are devoted to people who have spent some or all of their careers working in the media.  Seventy-three of them did so in broadcasting—28 were career broadcasters, while the other 45 were ex-players.  Only eight of the media biographies are devoted to journalists, those who have spent part or all of their baseball careers writing about the game for periodicals.

This section of the site links to those biographies on the SABR site.  We hope to host media biographies written primarily for this site at some point.  If you are interested in writing a biography of a baseball media figure, please contact us by clicking here.

Here are the links to the biographies of baseball media figures on the SABR BioProject site:


Primarily Broadcasters:

Primarily Players:



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