Fox Network Announces Dates for 2014 MLB Schedule

Posted on the Awful Announcing, by way of KRBK, the Springfield MO Fox affiliate, the network has announced the date on which the Fox broadcast network

  • May 24th (primetime)
  • May 31st (primetime)
  • June 7th (primetime)
  • June 14th (primetime)
  • June 21st (primetime)
  • June 28th (primetime)
  • July 5th (primetime)
  • July 12th (primetime)
  • July 15th (Tuesday, All-Star Game at Target Field)
  • September 6th (early afternoon)
  • September 13th (early afternoon)
  • September 20th (early afternoon)
  • September 27th (early afternoon)

There will be no games before Memorial Day weekend, which probably isn’t surprising given that the first date will be safely out of sweeps’ way, but what’s notable here is the lack of day games during the summer, which have been a staple of weekend afternoons for some six decades.  We do see Saturday early afternoon games during the heart of the pennant drive, although these games will run right into the teeth of the college football broadcasting juggernaut.

This schedule is only for the over the air Fox network, and does not contemplate any games which might air on Fox Sports 1, which will also air games every Saturday during the season as well as on some weeknights.