As a follow-up to coming out of hibernation with yesterday’s In Case You Missed It post, which pointed to numerous feature and news articles of various stripes that have been published on the tubes since season’s end, Part Deux will focus on some of the local media moves and renewals that have occurred since then:

Dodgers buy a stake in KLAC (570-AM), renew radio broadcast rights: This can’t possibly go as badly as the SportsNet LA boondoggle, can it?

Don Orsillo Renewed by Red Sox for 2015: One of the sharpest knives in the play by play drawer.  Do BoSox fans know how lucky they are?

Texas Rangers Move Back To 105.3 The Fan: Moved from another local FM station located 2.0 down the dial.

Josh Lewin re-signs with WOR for Mets games: The curse of Harry Caray didn’t torpedo Josh’s career after all, did it?  A good talent who can also do PxP as well.

Jamie Moyer exits Phillies’ broadcast booth: Doesn’t it always sounds suspicious when someone says they’re leaving a job to “spend more time with [his] family”?  But considering the Moyer family lives in California, this time it’s probably true.

Cubs, WGN-Ch. 9 confirm 5-year deal and It’s official: WLS-Ch. 7 to air 25 Cubs games: This is a seemingly odd backwards move towards a network affiliate, but the last years leading up to the presumed dedicated Cubs cable network must march on, fractured though the situation may be.

White Sox’ Hawk Harrelson Won’t Cut Back On 2015 Schedule: Good news for White Sox fans, I presume?

John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman officially back in Yankees’ WFAN booth for 2015: And Yankees fans as well?

McCarver returns to Cards’ TV broadcasts: And Cardinals fans?  Yes?

Orioles return to CBS RADIO’s 105.7 The Fan