The Illustrator for the Cardinals Scorecard Wrote to us

Last night, received an email from Mike Right.  Mike is the illustrator of the fantastic cover of the St. Louis Cardinals scorecard that we featured on the blog yesterday.

Turns out that the style used for the scorecard is not a one-off, after all.   Actually, Mike has been using this style for over a decade now, having graced the covers of twelve scorecards with his unique retro style.  Here are a couple of choice recent examples:

10 cardinal scorecard cover 12 COVER WORKPAGE 2 copy


Pretty sweet, huh?

If you are interested in reading more about Mike and his work for the Cardinals, you can download a PDF of the article by clicking here:

Mike Right Scorecard Article (2011 Cardinals Gameday Magazine)

Keep up the good work, Mike!

(P.S.: Mike confirms that the object the Pirate is holding on this year’s cover is neither a cutlass nor a wand, but instead is an empty pennant stick.  But of course!  😎 )



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