Now Available: Cool Maps of MLB Team’s Radio Networks

Back at the beginning of the season, we released the Radio Station Affiliates Database for each team for 2017.  Now, thanks to the efforts of Tony Miller, who also maintains our Network TV Broadcasts database (downloadable here), we have way cool Google Maps of all radio affiliates for each of the six divisions at the links below:

  • AL East
  • AL Central
  • AL West
  • NL East
  • NL Central
  • NL West

These maps give you a pretty decent visual of each team’s sphere of media influence, with the occasional entertaining outlier (e.g., not just one, but two Cardinals radio affiliates in Hawai’i!


2 thoughts on “Now Available: Cool Maps of MLB Team’s Radio Networks”

  1. Note: 1410 AM in Vancouver, which carries Blue Jays games, has the call letters CFTE. Affiliated station CKST is 1040 AM.

    1. I reviewed this and you’re correct, so this has been changed on the master list. Thanks.

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