About Committee Leadership

Chuck Hildebrandt, Chair

Chuck, a SABR member since 1988, has been the chair of the Baseball and the Media committee since its inception in March 2013.  Chuck is a 25-year veteran of advertising and marketing firms as a media planning strategist, and employed his access to secondary research and industry contacts to develop the study, “The History of World Series Television Ratings”, presented at SABR 20 in Cleveland in 1990.  Chuck has been a baseball fan since age 7, when he became aware of the Detroit Tigers as they were in the process of winning the 1968 American League pennant.  Chuck currently lives in Chicago and has been a Chicago Cubs season ticket holder since 1999.  But even though the Cubs get Chuck’s money, the Tigers will always be the owners of Chuck’s baseball heart.

John McMurray, Vice Chair

In addition to serving as Vice-Chair of the Baseball and the Media Committee, John McMurray is also Chair of SABR’s Deadball Era Committee, which examines and chronicles baseball history from 1901 through 1919.  John contributed to SABR’s 2006 book Deadball Stars of the American League and is a past chair of SABR’s Ritter Award subcommittee, which annually presents an award to the best book on Deadball Era baseball published during the year prior.  John has contributed many interview-based player profiles to Baseball Digest in recent years.

Providing information and historical research about how the media cover baseball both as news and as an event.

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