MLB Local Flagships and Announcers

The link below points to an Excel spreadsheet detailing each MLB team’s flagship station and broadcast talent for each medium (radio, broadcast television, and cable television) each year throughout its broadcast history, from 1921 through 2016. This database should serve as an invaluable resource for any research or biography project that contains a broadcasting component.

The database is broken out into three main sections:

  • Team info (three-letter team designation; team nickname; franchise ID; league)
  • Medium info (medium; medium type; language of broadcast; flagship station)
  • Talent info (broadcaster by last, first; broadcaster first name; broadcaster last name; broadcaster first last)

Default ranking is by franchise ID, but the spreadsheet is flexible enough to sort by any column you choose.

The spreadsheet employs AutoFilter, which inserts a drop down menu in the column headers and allows you to filter the spreadsheet on several attributes.  You can use this filtering to, for example:

  • see the radio stations and broadcasters for all MLB teams in 1936 (filter by Year)
  • see all broadcasters in Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins history (filter by Franchise ID)
  • see all Spanish language broadcasts in history (filter by Language)
  • see all the teams and years Harry Caray broadcast  (filter by Broadcaster last, first or Broadcaster first last)

Thanks to the hard work of Maury Brown, noted sports business analyst, who is the originator of the spreadsheet.  That said, as accurate and complete as the list is, it is still incomplete in some areas and might contain inaccurate information in others, so please feel free to submit corrections, including source material for the correction, to the Baseball and the Media Committee.

Thank you to Nick Waddell for his work updating this database to reflect the seasons 2013 through 2016.

The spreadsheet version is Excel 2016.

Download Excel file: MLB Local Flagship_Announcer Historical Database

Available Online: Searchable MLB Local Broadcaster/Flagship Database

View all SABR Media Committee Databases on Google Drive at this link.

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