Radio Station Affiliates

Below is a link to the Radio Station Affiliates database, launched in 2013.  Quite simply, this database, in spreadsheet format, lists the affiliate stations which carry each team’s radio broadcasts. This early version includes radio station affiliates only for major league teams.

The goal is to update this database each season; to add prior seasons to the degree possible; and to add minor league radio affiliates.

The format is CSV, which can be opened with any text editor, or with any version of a standard spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Thanks to the following committee members for their help:

  • Nick Waddell, who updated the database to include 2014 through 2016
  • Brian Michael for contributing to the affiliates list for 2013.

Download CSV file: Radio Station Affiliates Database All Years

Available online: Searchable Radio Station Affiliates

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