Sportswriter Database

This database of sportswriters, consisting mainly of baseball writers, has been maintained by one-time SABR member Bill Burgess since 2007 and contains topline biographical information for over 1,600 separate writers .  Included, where available, are birth and date dates and places; career dates, and brief descriptions of career highlights.

The database can be a good resource for providing topline biographical information and career information about certain sportswriters.  The database is owned and maintained by Bill Burgess, and as such SABR can make no warranty regarding the accuracy of the data within.

The database can be downloaded here: Sportswriter Database



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  1. Hi I am a publicist working with an author of a baseball book I am looing for a list of sports/baseball journalists and stumbled across your list. When I downloaded it all I got was gibberish and I am wondering if you have a list I could use with email addresses etc. if so how can I get it?

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