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The “Baseball Buffet” is On the Air!

Live, from the Viceroy of India on Devon Avenue in Chicago!

Well, no, not live. It’s recorded. But it is recorded at the Viceroy of India on Devon Avenue in Chicago, so … there’s that.

This new monthly podcast features a get-together and conversation about the latest news and hot-button issues in baseball, including media issues, from the perspective of four SABR members who by all rights should be too old to work this podcast thing-y:

  • Jim Walker, Professor Emeritus of Communication at Saint Xavier University in Chicago and author of the seminal baseball media books Center Field Shot and Crack of the Bat, detailing the history of baseball as broadcast on television and radio, respectively.
  • Thom Henninger, editor at Baseball Digest and author of Tony Oliva: The Life and Times of a Minnesota Twins Legend
  • Stuart Shea, author of Wrigley Field: The Long Life and Contentious Times of the Friendly Confines and Calling the Game: Baseball Broadcasting from 1920 to the Present (the latter book is free for SABR members)
  • And me, Chuck Hildebrandt, award-winning baseball researcher, cataloguer of Little League Home Runs, and Chair of SABR’s Baseball and the Media Research Committee

Each pod runs about 20-25 minutes, a length which fits quite nicely as a quick listen into your own lunch schedule.

As with any new periodic broadcast venture, the first episode is decent listen for a first try; the second episode is a better listen; and we can promise that the third episode will be even better still. So stay tuned for the next pod due out in early March.

We will let you know when the next episode is uploaded, but you can also be automagically informed by following Jim’s SoundCloud account. Just click the orange “Follow” button below:


Here are the first two episodes.  Enjoy!

Episode 1 (1/13/2017):

Episode 2 (2/1/2017):