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A So-Called “Red Sox-Yankees Problem”

Joe Lucia, a writer at Awful Announcing, writes that he constantly inveighs against the practice of the various networks which carry MLB games of always featuring every Red Sox-Yankees matchups, to the degree that all nineteen matchups during the season are featured on one of the national networks.

Lucia believes this ultimately works to the detriment of the other 28 teams in that it trains viewers to treat a Red Sox-Yankees matchup as the only legitimately interesting matchup to watch.  And he has a point: ratings show that the highest rated regular season MLB matchups are Red Sox-Yankees games, and that all other matchups drop off significantly in viewership.

It’s a circular problem: Red Sox-Yankees games get the best ratings so of course they are going to be featured which hurts interest in all other matchups, but even if the networks realize and want to cure the problem, showing other matchups at the expense of Red Sox-Yankees cost them money because of lower ratings, which diminishes the value of their MLB broadcasts, so to recoup the costs and make a profit they have to show the Red Sox-Yankees games, which reinforces the training of viewers to care only about that matchup and not watch any other matchup, and so on, and so on …

So what’s the solution?  According to Lucia, maybe there isn’t one, or at least an obvious one.

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